Dennis Gaxiola - Role Play

Dennis Gaxiola, Noe Gonzalez & Thea Vidale Season 1, Ep 4 10/20/2011 Views: 8,126

Dennis Gaxiola's wife gets kinky on their 10-year anniversary. (2:12)

They sayblack makes you look thinner.

Ladies know that secret, right,black makes you look thinner?

I think it's true 'causeI always see fat white women

with black boyfriends.


Maybe not in Arizona, but, uh...

I-I... so I've been married21 years.

(cheering and applause)

Three wives, three wives, but...


Every year countstowards the pension, man.

I just hit the ten-year markwith my wife, man,

and we hada little anniversary weekend.

She pulled a new one on me.

She said, "Let's role-play."

I've never done anything kinkylike this.

I said, "What do you mean,role-play?"

She said, "You tell mewhat you want me to be

and I'll tell youwhat I want you to be."

Now, I thought it was a trap.

I was like, "Baby, I like youjust the way you are."

She got mad, she was like,"Stop being a punk."

So she convinced me.

I said, "All right."

I've spent three weekendsa month on the road in hotels.

I'm a traveling man.

Every traveling man's fantasyis what?



I said, "Baby, I want youto be housekeeping.

Knock on the door, come in,and surprise me."

She liked that one, so I said,"What you want me to be?"

She goes, "A black guy."

(audience exclaiming)

You're lucky I don't thinkI'm R. Kelly right now."


I got a trophy wife, too, man,I got a trophy wife.

I know that's not right to say'cause everybody--

if you're married,that's your trophy,

but I'm, I'm just saying

not everybody gota first-place trophy.


Some people end upwith a plaque.


You marrythe neighborhood hoochie,

you get a participation ribbon.