Chris Gethard - Bonnaroo Drug Confessions Pt. 2

Chris Gethard Season 3, Ep 5 06/20/2014 Views: 8,182

Nothing brings Chris Gethard mental clarity quite like MDMA. (1:05)

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For about 35 minutes,nothing happened.

And then I threw up.

And then everything happened.

Everything just happenedall at once.

The sun felt like a substancethat was pouring down my skin.

I said out loudto a friend of mine,

"Air is a thing.

And it's inside mealmost all the time."

I started

kneeling downand touching the grass

and I was like,

"I never considerthe grass anymore.

"When I was a boy,I used to play in grass

"and roll in grass and now,even when I do step on it,

"I don't even thinkabout the grass.

"Which is crazy,

"'cause all lifeeither grows out of this

"or walks upon it.

"And we like to pave it over.

"We like to build buildingson top of it.

"And we do thatto convince ourselves

"that we're in control,but we're not in control.

"All we are is parasitesliving on the side of Earth,

"which is the only organismthat really matters.

"And I never stop to thinkabout any of that

'cause I'm too busy playingwith my phone."

I was having all these beautiful

Molly thoughts.

Thank you.