Boundaries - Uncensored

Child, Please Season 1, Ep 2 09/21/2016 Views: 3,294

Jamal sets boundaries while on a date with Medina, and LaDante crosses the line with Randy. (0:59)

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- I can't even come upwith no lies.

Jamal love the kids.

- You a great daddy, Jamal.

And I'ma take care ofall your needs and things.

- [Totbot 3000 babbles]- That's cool, Medina.

But you gotsta be gone.

- You ain't gonna invite meinside to meet your parents?

- You trippin', boo.It won't be as fun

if we allow our relationship to

venture intothe human dimension.

We gottakeep our shit spiritual.

- You better not be tryingto play me with all that talk.

I know how niggas do.

- Go on now, boo.

You finna find outabout me soon enough.

Ya heard?

[both moaning, slurping]


- I been holding that inall day.

[hip-hop music]

- Ahh, look who woke up.

- You know, LaDante,it's only one class, man.

We--we don't have tospend 24 hours together.

[chuckles nervously]- Shut your ass up, wifey.

I made eggs.

You want patties, links,

or sausage?

- I-I should probablyjust get home.

- Then it's links, nigga.