#HashtagWars - #RuinA90sSong

Monday, February 13, 2017 02/13/2017 Views: 330

Tom Lennon, Milana Vayntrub and Kyle Kinane celebrate the glory days of 90s music by destroying classics from the period. (2:21)

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It's time for tonight's#HashtagWars.

(applause and cheering)

Please play along.

Last night's Grammy Awards wasa massive spectacle I'm told.

I don't give a crap. I washosting Talking Dead, but

the Grammys had us yearningfor the glory days of music.

And by that,of course mean the '90s! Yeah!

-(applause and cheering)♪ Yeah, war

-♪ Oh, yeah. -(laughter)

Back when the shirts wereflannel and the ice was vanilla.


I mean, the '90s, beforeBeyoncé, there was Lauryn Hill!

Before Bruno Mars,there was Boyz II Men!

Before Justin Bieber,there was Big Mouth Billy Bass.

-(laughter, applause)-Guys, and, please,

I am begging someone to makeBig Mouth Bieber Bass

just go like,♪ Sorry and then back.


I would own that.

So we're gonna celebratethe grungier music era

with tonight's hashtag,#RuinA90sSong. #RuinA90sSong.

Examples might beBaby Got Back Problems, and

Smells Like Teen Anus.

-(groans) -I know, that's onewe would have edited out.

Can't edit it out.Can't tonight. It's all in.

-All in!-Yeah, it's all in.

All right, and begin.


Uh, Whitney Houston's"I'm Every Woman,"

except it's me, Kyle Kinane,I'm every woman.

-All right, points.-(laughter)


♪ Don't go chasin' water fowl.

-All right, very good.-(laughter)

Oh, just stick to the riversand the lakes?

-Mm-hmm.-All right, good. Points.


♪ Listen, all y'all,it's a menopause! ♪


(cheering, whooping)


Uh... we got onefrom the Internet here

from @rhinestone451.

"I'm too sexy for my Jenkos."


All right, very good.

Anyone else? No?

Okay, good. Yes? Tom? No?




How do you talk to Criss Angel?

All right, very good,very good. Points.

Uh, Milana.

♪ Livin' la Vida, Roker.


Very good. Kyle.

I got nothing. I really cherishall that music from that era...

All right, good. Yeah, points.