Speedround - Sally Field in Space

06/17/2016 Views: 126

Amy defends her new makeup line, Jordan Klepper recaps a different history of white oppression and Horatio Sanz experiences a painful merger. (1:06)

- It as a non-organic makeup line.

- It's tested on animals.

- No it is not tested on animals.

No it is not.

It is made from animals.

Okay, made from real animals

and then tested on animals.

- Did you know that as recently as the 1960's

we were forced to drink at separate water fountains?

And they forced us to ride in the front of the bus.

I mean, nobody cool sits up front.

That is nerd central.

- Who was the first woman that NASA sent in to orbit?

Was it Sally Field, Sally Space, or Sally Ride?

- Sally Space.

It gotta be that becauseher last name is space.

- Microsoft has announced plans to acquire LinkedIn

for 26.2 billion dollars.

Comedians, what's an even worse merger?

- Ecstasy and my family reunion.

(crowd laughs)

- Horatio.

- My penis and my zipper.

(crowd laughs)