2 Chainz Explainz - Brokered Conventions

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Rapper 2 Chainz describes the "hot mess" that the GOP could face if none of its candidates receives enough delegates to become the party's presidential nominee. (2:39)


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Well. Now, the latest newsin the circus

that is the Republicannomination for president,

uh, is that theremay not be a clear winner

and this fight may goall the way to the convention.

NEWSMAN: Trump has not yet sealed

the Republican nomination, raising the specter

of a brokered convention.

...brokered convention.

NEWSWOMAN: ...brokered convention.

...brokered convention.

...brokered convention...

...brokered convention, yes.

Not to be confusedwith a broker convention.

-(laughter)-Uh, right.

When a bunch of real estateagents go buck wild

at a Duluth DoubleTree.


Do not get that confused,you guys.

But what isa brokered convention?

Well, here's rapper 2 Chainzto help us understand

in another installmentof 2 Chainz Explainz.

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Hi. I'm 2 Chainz.


And a brokered conventiongoes down

when no single candidatehas the 1,237 delegates

needed to winthe Republican nomination.

Now, if this happens,the convention goes ham.


They release all the delegates,and they make you vote again.

They don't care who youvoted for the first time around.

Now, that's gangsterright there.


If the delegates vote againand no one gets that top spot,

they just keep votingand voting and voting

until they reach1,237 delegates.

And even though a brokeredconvention hasn't happened

in 64 years, if it ever happens,

it's gonna be a hot mess.

So, in 1924, delegatesat the Democratic convention

had to vote 103 timesbefore they picked the nominee.

103 times!

Ain't nobody got time for that!



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This has been 2 Chainz Explainz,you guys!

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