Psychic feat. Dave Attell

Terrible People Season 1, Ep 9 06/25/2013 Views: 24,242

Amy visits a psychic to contact her recently deceased grandmother, but only her creepy dead uncle, Dave Attell, shows up. (2:12)

much for seeing me.

Well, Ican only tell you

what the spirits saythrough me,

but is there someoneyou'd like to speak to?

Yes, mygrandma passed recently.

I'd love to just talk to herone more time.

Well, let's seeif we can find her.



I'm seeing someone,

it's a malewho died recently.

An uncle, a brother,Ricky, Roadie.


My Uncle Randy?

Uncle Randy, yes.

Oh, my God...

What--Does he see my grandma?

He saysshe'll be here soon.

He says he was in theneighborhood

and he's just gonna hang outuntil she gets here.

Okay, fine.

Now he's telling me you'vereally grown up.


No, seriously, youlook good.

You looklike a woman now.

All right.

He's showingme a trampoline,

a little girl jumping up anddown on a trampoline

and a man watching hervery closely,

never takinghis eyes off of her.

Right, yeah,he used to get me a trampoline

and a bathing suit...

like,every year.

He wants to know if youstill use it

and ifso at what times.

I don't even know wherethey are.

Is my grandma here?


Oh my God,Grandma, is that you?

No, it's still Randy.

Now he's telling you to relaxand not to worry

and he'srubbing your shoulders.

Oh my God, he's touching meright now?

He says you have a lotof tension.

Two huge knots.

Oh, gross.

He wants to know,are you still friends

with that girl, Erin?



Amazingly heavy sleeper?

Oh myGod, I'm leaving.

How much do Iowe you ?

Wait, wait!

Your grandma's here.


She wants to know if shecan bum a cigarette.

What a ( bleep ).