Na'im Lynn - Alcohol Colonic

Na'im Lynn Season 1, Ep 3 05/18/2012 Views: 5,718

Na'im Lynn reveals that he broke his New Year's resolution to give up drinking and then wonders why a person would put liquor in their ass. (2:54)

[loud cheers]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like that.I like that.

So, ya'llin a good mood, right?CROWD: Yeah!

I'm in a great, great mood,great mood.

Having a good yearso far. Uh, got my

RushCard in the mailthe other day.

Uh, went out and boughtthis jacket. It's on now.

It's on and popping,on and popping!

I'm happy to be in 2012, man.2011 was a bad year for me.

It was a bad year.Nothing good about that year.

Everything was bad, ended offbad. Christmas was terrible.

You know, my,my nephew's got mad at me

because they asked forAngry Birds for Christmas.

And, uh, I got them threebitches from Philadelphia.

I didn't know what the hellthey was talking about, man.

I'm just happyand I feel good. I feel good.

My New Years resolutionis over already.

I said, this year I wasgoing to stop drinking.

And that's alcohol right there.

I said was going to go ahead andgive up alcohol, you know,

because, uh, alcoholis like... sheesh,

it didn't work.Alcohol is one of

the best things ever invented.People, if you drink,

never quit.Drink until it kill you.

Just keep drinking.

I thought I wasbecoming an alcoholic

because I drink every day.I am nowhere near an alcoholic.

They got real alcoholics outhere, people. Real alcoholics.

They got this new thingcalled alcohol colonic.

This is where people are puttingliquor in their ass.

This ain't even no joke.This is some serious stuff.

People are taking shots ofPatrón to the booty hole.

And I know you're thinking,why would somebody

put liquor in their ass?Well, they do it because

it gets you drunk immediately.And no five, six drinks

trying to get drunk.One to the ass, and you're done.

Dude in the club like,"Ah..."

(panting): "Just trying toget wasted tonight."

"Man, I only got ten dollars."

"About to just takea shot to the ass."

The other benefit ofalcohol colonic is that

you can pass a breathalyzer.


Mm-hm. Cops pull you over like,

"You've been drinking?""I ain't been drinking nothing!"

"Well, g-g-give me the test!Give it to me!"


"Told you."

That's sick that peopleactually do that, right?

Crazy thing is, somebody in hereright now, like,


(chuckles)They'll go home and do it wrong,

pour a bottleof Heineken on their ass.