Trump's Pre-Inauguration Photo Op

January 19, 2017 - Scott Conroy & James McAvoy 01/19/2017 Views: 66,853

President-elect Trump uses his reality TV know-how to promote his inauguration on Twitter. (4:26)

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So today is officially PresidentObama's last day if office.

-Aah...-(audience sighing)

And I can tell youthat the Marine One helicopter

that's goingto carry him off tomorrow

better havesome extra juice in it

-'cause people are not readyto let go. -(laughter)

-We coming with you, Barry!We coming. -(laughter)

Tomorrow's gonna be historic.

We have no idea

what Trump's inaugurationis going to be like,

but we do know he's personallybeen hard at work on it.

WOMAN: Yesterday Trump tweeted a photo of himself quoting,

"Writing my inaugural address

"at the winter White House Mar-a-Lago three weeks ago.

Looking forward to Friday."

MAN: When you take a closer look, it appears

that Trump is writing the first draft of his speech

with a Sharpie on what appears

to be the first page of a brand-new legal pad.

MAN 2: One Twitter user pointed out,

"That desk sure looks exactly like

"the Mar-a-Lago receptionist desk

rather than a personal office."

Would the president-elect reallybe writing the speech there?

(imitating Trump):Writing my inaugural address.

With a pen and paper? Really?

I'd believe it more

if it was Trump tweetinghis inaugural address.

-(laughter)-Then I'd believe it.

By the way, that's an iPhone.It just looks big in his hands.

-(laughter, applause)-Although...

Although, I will say this.I will say this.

The idea that Donald Trump wasworking at the reception desk

while he was doing thatis pretty funny, 'cause just...

He was sitting-- that's a...--at the reception of Mar-a-Lago.

And I know how I am.When I'm writing,

I can get distractedwhen someone speaks to me

if I say something else,and then,

the thing that distracted meends up in the writing.

I'm sure you do that, as well.

So now,Trump's inaugural address

is probably gonna be like,"My fellow Americans,

I say to you now the bathroom isdown the hall on the left!"

-(laughter) -That's... "No!Oh, I knew this would happen!

"We need to unite as one.

-Let me transfer youto housekeeping!" -(laughter)

"May God blessthe United...

-We hope you enjoyed your stay!"-(laughter)

Now, this is one of thosesituations where, honestly,

I don't believepeople should waste their rage.

You know, I see people going,"It's a lie!

Why is he lyingabout where he is?"

Calm down. Is Donald Trumpreally sitting down

writing his speech at that desk?No.

But that's not the point.

It's not a lie.It's an ad.

America, you haveto get used to the fact

that you've electeda reality-star president.

And you should know a publicitystill when you see one.

Donald Trump was just promotingtomorrow's premiere

of the 45th seasonof the TV show President.

-(laughter)-Yes, that's all he was doing.

It's also the final season,by the way,

-but that's a separate subject.-(laughter, applause & cheering)

This is just what Trump does!This is all he does!

I mean, look.I mean, look.

Here he is a few years agohaving his photo taken

while pretending to say,"You're fired!"

-Donald, look here.-(camera shutters clicking)

(quietly):You're fired.

(indistinct,overlapping shouting)

-You ready?-MAN: Yeah, we're ready.

All right!


How is that a president?

-Oh, gosh, we're so (bleep).Oh, man. -(laughter)

Oh, I'm sorry.Like, you just...

No, it's just, like...'Cause it's not...

It's just the brain.

Okay, this is whatI don't understand.

He says, "Are you ready?"

-But then he doesn't say it.He goes... -(laughter)

"Are you read..." Like, justspeak. It's like he makes...

It's like he thinks the wordsare gonna go into the photo.

He's just, "Are you ready?"



And you got to understand,we're only going to see

more photos like thisover the next four years.

You know,Trump's gonna put pictures up.

"Here I am balancing thefederal budget all on my own!"


"Hey, here I am bringing jobsback from Mexico!"


"This is me defeating ISIS,single-handedly.

Look how much I killed them!"

-(laughter)-Get used to it.

We've got to get used to it

becauseTrump is all about promotion.

It's an essential ingredient

to any authoritarian,to be honest.

You know else does that?Vladimir Putin.

He does the same thing.

None of those picturesare candid.

That is not somethingthat just happened, right?

-(laughter)-You know that he planned that.

I bet Vladimir Putinis like a girl on Instagram.

He's just like, "No, no,high angle, high angle!"

-(laughter) -"No, not so close.Not so close.

"Make sure you get Crimeain the background!

Make sure. Make sure you getCrimea in the background."

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-"Can you see it?

Can you see it?"

It's what these people do.