Kevin Hart - Steppin'

Chicago Season 1, Ep 3 10/16/2016 Views: 2,709

When Kevin Hart shows up ready to step, Joey Wells and Harry Ratchford explain that he has the wrong kind of stepping in mind. (1:39)

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- Ohh, there go my guys.

Huh?Hey, yeah.



- What the hellare you doing?

- What do you mean,what am I doing?

I'm coming to step.That's what I'm doing.

What are you doing?- No, no, you got

the wrong step here,brother, I promise you.

[stomping rhythmically]

- Joey, hey got a bunchof Greek letters on him.

- It's your frat.- That's our frat.

It's Ah Woo.

Brothers of Ah Wooonly know what we know

and go where we please.

Big brother, oh, Kev.Oh, Kev, big brother.

- When were y'all founded?- Day before yesterday.

- Day before yesterday?- Day before yesterday.

Ah Woo was ownedby this Chinese dude.

He had a little Chinese storeon 13th and 5th.

So we licensedthe name Woo from him.

- A Chinese guy.- Ha! Ha!

- He got a cane.- He got a cane.

- Ha ha ha, now lick it off!Hey!

- That's not the right cane.

This is for an old person.

- I don't know who it's for,but I need the stability.

- Kev, look--just over there.

- For what?- Look to your right.

- Unless they stepping,I don't want none.

- They stepping.

- What are they doing?- Stepping.

- This is like a banquet.

- They stepping.It's classic.

- No, that's a bunchof aunts and uncles

celebratingsomebody's birthday.

That's what that is.Happy birthday!

- Decades. They've beendoing this for decades.

- Well, for decades it look likethey done got it wrong.

- I'm willing to bet the idiotwith the orange boots

got it wrong,and it's only one person.

- So you callingmy chapter wrong?

This must bethe wrong address.

I'm gonna go outside and seeif it's next door.

- You better put a coat on.It's cold out here.

- Brother, you don't get coldwhen you step.

Hey, tell whoever auntin here's birthday,

I said happy birthday.

[hip-hop music]