Louis C.K. - Greg Diatsu

Louis C.K. Season 1, Ep 12 05/22/1999 Views: 7,732

Greg Diatsu does some high energy. (3:49)

>> Louis: Say, Nixony,

do you have any kids?

>> Yeah, I got a son.

>> Louis: What's his name?

>> Dave.

>> Louis: I was thinking of

having kids.

I got married, you know,

and I was thinking that naming

the kid is the fun part,

because you name your kid

anything you want.

I'd like to give my kid an

interesting name,

like a name with no vowels,

you know.

Just consonants like



Just like 20 Fs.


You know, or--or just vowels,

like, Oeeeoooeeee.

This is my daughter

Oeeeeeooeeeoo and my son


Some people name their kids

a word like Sunshine or Battery

or something like that.

I'd like to name my kid a whole

phrase, you know,

something like

Ladies And Gentlemen.

That would be a great name for a

kid, you know.

This is my son

Ladies And Gentlemen.

And when he gets out of hand,

I can go, "Ladies and Gentlemen,


And stuff like that, you know.

'Cause I never get to say that


Oh, Renaldo, everyone.

[lilting piano music]


>> Louis: The Amazing Renaldo,

once again, everyone.



>> Wow.

>> Louis: Do you know that guy?

I don't know who that was.

>> He's fantastic,

whoever he is.

>> Louis: Yeah.

You ever seen him before?

>> I saw him once.

>> Louis: Where'd you see him?

>> At a magic show.

>> Louis: All right.

Okay, our next act,

ladies and gentlemen,

how about a hand for

Greg Daihatsu.

Give him a hand, Greg Daihatsu.


Hello, Greg, how you doin'?

>> Fine, thank you.

>> Louis: And where you from?

>> I'm out of Florida.

>> Louis: Okay, and what's your


What are you going to do for us?

>> I'm going to do

a little high energy.

>> Louis: High energy.

>> Right, just some high energy.

>> Louis: Just high energy?

>> Yeah, I do some high energy.

>> Louis: Right, okay,

another hand.

Greg Daihatsu.

He's gonna do some high energy.


[clapping and yelling]

[fingers snapping]


[clapping and laughter]




>> Louis: Greg Daihatsu.

Another hand for Greg Daihatsu.

>> All right.

>> Louis: Can we get a mop?

Get a mop here.

Yeah, that was some high energy,


>> That was some high energy.

That was a little Ziggity-dad


Look out.