Victor Lustig Sells the Eiffel Tower

Landmarks Season 4, Ep 8 11/15/2016 Views: 5,577

Con man Victor Lustig swindles a man into buying the Eiffel Tower for scrap metal. (1:57)

- Hello, my name is JennyJohnson, and we are gonna learn

about con man Victor Lustig.

So [bleep] buckle up.

- [laughs]

- Uh, our story's gonna begin in 1925.

Everyone in Paris [bleep]

hates the Eiffel Tower

because it was constructed for the World's Fair,

and it was never meant to be permanent.

And now it coststoo much for repairs.

And so one day, this dude named Victor Lustig opens this French

paper up and starts reading about this, and he says,

I know what I'm doing, and what I'm gonna be doing

is rippin' people off,but ripping dumb assholes off.

And so he looked up

five of the most, like, well-known scrap metal dealers

and let them know

that he had a very,

a very lucrative enterprise.

And he's like,

hey, you know what--I'm gonna rock the [bleep] out of this.

And Victor got a limo, he would take these scrap metal people

to the Eiffel Tower, and he's like,

we're tearin' this bitch down.

And I've got the inside [bleep], okay?

So he finds his mark.

He finds the guy who was a little, like, new and green,

and the guy's name was Andre Poisson, and that's

how you pronounce it-- it sounds like "pussy."

It's not pussy, but, yes, you're right,

it does sound like that.

So Victor was like, yep,

Andre, you're my dog, you're my dude.

The Eiffel Tower? Break that bitch down.

And Andre's like, of course I'm gonna buy the Eiffel Tower

from this guy.

So $70,000 Victor Lustig takes from this dude,

and bounces the [bleep] out of France.