Michael Ian Black - For Serious

Michael Che, Iliza Shlesinger, Hari Kondabolu, Michael Ian Black Season 3, Ep 5 08/17/2012 Views: 5,903

Michael Ian Black recommends that you never ever ever shake your baby. (1:18)

I did notshake my baby.


Thank you.

I threw my baby.

There's a sofa here, I'mhere,

the baby's crying and I'mthinking,

I'm gonna shake this baby!

They're like, "no, you can'tshake the baby."

But I really think I'm gonnashake the baby.

"No, you can't shake the baby."

I don't know what to do!I'm gonna shake this baby!

"No, you can't shake the baby."


And then there's definitelya moment where I'm thinking

to myself, did I justthrow that baby?

There's a baby over thereand... I don't see how that

baby gets over there... unlessI threw it.

Thank God the baby was fine.

But listen to me, you guys,for serious, you guys.

Never ever, evershake your baby

and never ever, everthrow your baby.

But I will say this.

After I threw that baby, thatbaby shut the hell up.