Nikki Glaser - Home Waxing

Nikki Glaser Season 2, Ep 2 05/03/2013 Views: 26,698

As a way to save money, Nikki Glaser once tried to wax herself at home, but it didn't go as planned. (1:53)

My friends get...get it waxed.

Um, it's expensive though.

It's, like, 60 bucksand then, after tip,

it's, like, 61 bucks orsomething-- I'm not doing that.

I've... I tried it. You know,I walked into a salon once

and, uh, I was just like,"I want the Brazilian."

And they were rude.They were like,

"Ma'am, this is Supercuts."

And I was like, "I know.

I have a Groupon.It's, like... Can we not..."

It ain't cheap.

So I... I wantedto try waxing, so I was like,

"Oh, I'll just go to Walgreens

and get a kit and do it myself."

I like arts and crafts.

And I don't likearts and crafts.

I've never finisheda scrapbook in my life.

Didn't finish this one either.

I didn't get pastthe second page,

if you know what I'm saying.

I don't know what I'm saying.

No, it was the worst.

They give you microwavable wax,

but every microwaveis different.

I just put it inand pressed "Popcorn."

I didn't... know.

Oh, God, I...(groans)

I burnt myself, I scolded mys...Not sc... Scalded.

I always... yeah, scol...

I was like, "(bleep) you!" Um...

Yeah, I really taught it a...I scalded myself and...

I only got two strips inand then I gave up

and I was like, "Well, I guessthis is my new look."

Looks like a pause button,but you know what?

Metaphor for my sex life now.

Puttin' this bitch on pause.

I was clever with it-- I calledit the Patch Adams. Uh...

'cause when I put a clown noseon it, it made sick kids laugh,

so that's why I called it that.

It was, like, a fun day ofvolunteering that I did, so...

Thank you.