Adam's Big Day

Wedding in Paradise Season 3, Ep 1 03/04/2016 Views: 390

The manager of a fancy Hawaiian hotel interrupts Adam during filming, and he ends up telling a lie that puts him in a difficult position. (1:50)

- And action, Adam.

- Aloha.

It's the original beach boyhimself,

me, Adam DeVine.

Last year, I took my house partyto New Orleans,

where I took over a bar,

but this year--no, no, no, no, no.

I'm taking over a resortin freaking Hawaii.

- Um, excuse me?[snaps fingers]

What's going on here?

- I'm introducing my show,"House Party," right now.

- No.

- We are currently doing the--

- I am here to tell you

that you are currentlynot doing that.

- We are, though.

- No, you are not,because guess what?

You're not supposedto start filming your show

until tomorrow.

Okay?This space is reserved

for a wedding today,so you will have to wait.

I'm so sorry.

- I'm getting marriedduring the show.

It's a comedy show/my wedding.

- So--so you're the groomin the Kahananui wedding?

- Yep.So, this is my wedding.


Like I was saying, last year I--

[sound cuts out]

- She unplugged the sound, dude.

- Hey, Adam.

I'll be watching you,

and I can unplug your show

at any time.

- Jesus Christ.

Can you--plug it back in.Just...

- "House Party" Hawaii, baby!

[theme music plays]