Mike Recine - Racism Against Robots

Mike Recine Season 5, Ep 13 10/07/2016 Views: 997

Mike Recine imagines a future in which all humans get along and band together against our greatest nemesis: robots. (0:58)

I just hope in the future,there's no racism

and the only groupthat we hate are robots.

'Cause they're gonna betaking all the jobs, you know?

I'll be some angry old man.I'll be like,

"You know, these things--they come to this country,

"and they take all the workfrom Americans

"like me and Eduardo and Juan...

and Wang."

I'm like, "Do you know how longWang has been out of work?

'Cause some bolt-buckettook his job."

My daughter's like, "Dad,you shouldn't say bolt-bucket."

I'm like, "Kaitlin, they calleach other bolt-buckets.

"What are you talking about?

"Don't you listento their music?

"Like, I'll tell you what--

"you ever bring homea bolt-bucket,

"I'm gonna disown you.You understand me?

"I hate these robots.

Having sex with our women."

I've had every job, though,before comedy.