Jonah & Kumail - #KumailsDumbShirt

The One With the Improv Troupe Season 3, Ep 1 09/27/2016 Views: 2,660

When Kumail tries to pull off a classic American fashion staple, Jonah lets him know it's not working. (1:14)

- Thank you so muchfor coming to the show.

- Thanks for coming to the show.

Give it up forKumail's white T-shirt.

- Fuck you.- Give it up for it.

- What's wrong with this?- He's just like you guys.

A real blue-collar,middle-class...

♪ Like my blue jeansand my white T-shirt ♪

- No, these aren't blue jeans.These are Bonobos, motherfucker.

[laughter]I'm nothing like you.


Wha--what's wrongwith the shirt?

Seriously?- No, it's a great fitted...

attention-grabbing...- All I want is something

that won't make Jonahmake fun of me.

- [laughs]

- Emily bought me a T-shirtthat had thumbs-ups on it,

and I was like, "No."- [laughs]

- Too big a swing.

Jonah can smell bloodin the water.

He's tasted human flesh,and it wants more.

- It does.

- He's making funof the shirt, Emily.

- It's great.I picked it.

- Did you also pick upthe jacket from last season?


Yeah, Kumail's dumb shirt.The hashtag for this episode

is #KumailsDumbShirt.- It's not dumb.

I really was like,"No big swings.

Just go for buntsand base hits."

I had to learn baseballto come up with that analogy.