Stench and Stenchibility Season 7, Ep 25 08/28/2013 Views: 14,859

Bender participates in Tap-Dance-a-Palooza and tests the heart condition of a much younger competitor. (1:05)

Welcome, fans!

I'm Randy, coordinatorof this tap-dance-a-palooza.


After weeks of searching,

I'm proud to introduce

the five people willingto participate:

Tonya, Bender, Greg,

some kind of blobmonster and Petunia.


The extra clicking you'll hearis gonna be my hip.

FYI, this little ladyhas a heart condition.

She's always stealing them.

Also, she has a seriousheart condition.

I'm six years old,

and tap dancingis my favoritest thing,

even if it's not goodfor my pacemaker.




(whistles)That is one quality pacemaker.

The rest of you mightas well give up now,

'cause I'm gonnatake home the...

Hey, what's my grand prizegonna be?

Oh, there's no prize, Dorothy.

Unless you countthe satisfaction of winning.

It will be mine.