Beth Stelling - Dating Potheads

Beth Stelling Season 4, Ep 8 10/10/2015 Views: 3,271

Beth Stelling gives a possible explanation for why she dates guys who smoke weed and remembers trying to impress a pothead she had a crush on in college. (1:29)

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I usually, uh,will date potheads.

It's kind of my thing, you know?

I don't know why.

I guess they can't leaveif they're already gone.


Yeah, that's what it is,you know?

And I've done it since college.

And I rememberthis one time in college,

trying to impress this pothead,

which you know...isn't hard.

And everybody was smoking weed.

Uh, so I went aheadand just, like,

smoked all of it.(chuckles)

Until I thought that my mouth

would never be wet again.

And then I proceeded to eatan entire pint of ice cream.

Just to be ableto swallow, really.

Just to, like, wet my whistle.

'Cause I was fairly certain

that the police were coming,you know?

And somebody was gonnaneed to talk to 'em.


And then everybodystarted to get up and leave,

like, one by one,'cause of me.

'Cause I was making itawful for everybody.

(wry chuckle)

And the guy that I likedstarted to get up and go.

And I was like,"Oh, no," you know?

So I looked at himand I was like,

"Hey, it wasreally good to see you.

You, too."

I answer for him.

(laughter,scattered applause)




Just threw in a little,

"You, too!"

And then I laughedfor about three days.