Eugene Mirman - Old Report Card & Learning Disablilty

Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory Season 1, Ep 1 12/14/2012 Views: 7,423

A "D" in high school chemistry made Eugene Mirman realize that he needed to stop trying so hard. (1:33)

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-This is an old report card.

It's a new reportcard, [inaudible].

No, uh, it's an old report card.

This is chemistry, 10th grade.

First quarter Igot a D. And then

I was like, I got tostop trying so hard.

And then I got an F. And then,uh, and then I was like, well,

I do want to leavethis terrible place.

Then I got a Dplus and then a D.

And then on my finalI got an A. Yeah.

Because I knew that if I triedfor three hours out of the year

I would still understand whathappens in "Breaking Bad."

The only reason tohave taken chemistry.

This is a handwrittenletter to my parents

from my guidance counselor,when people still used hands.

And it says, "he is of averageto above average ability,

and does not appear to havea learning disability."

I think if something says youdon't appear to have a learning

disability, itliterally means you

appear to have alearning disability.

If someone-- they're like, wecan't tell if your son acts

like he's disabled or he isdisabled, so we don't know.

He's doing the same as a personwith a learning disability.

Like, no one says "hedoesn't appear to."

You know who doesn't appear to?

Steve Jobs.

Nobody was like, thatguy-- he doesn't appear to,

so nobody brings it up.

He doesn't appear--yes, I appear to.

I appear to have alearning disability.

Do I?

Who knows?