Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle - Meet the Comics of Night One - Uncensored

Roast Battle - Night One - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 2 07/28/2016 Views: 2,250

Jimmy Carr, Sam Morril, Sarah Tiana, Steve Rannazzisi and other competitors from round one reveal their roast plans and what they expect from their opponents. (1:48)

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- Are there anyobvious jokes about me?

Gee, I don't know,

there's a camera, right?

- Time to Roast Battle.

- I'm Sarah Tiana and I'm battling Chris Cubas.

My roast battle nicknamewould probably be

The Roastess with the Mostess.

- Chris the RefrigeratorEmptier Cubas.

- I don't really have feelings,

so I think I'll be okay with whatever they go on.

- Nothing really hurts me.

Not that I'm like invincible.

- I'm expecting gay, AIDS, gay AIDS, AIDS and gay,

and my (beep) hole willprobably feature pretty heavily.

- My strategy is to overwhelm him.

But this is more mentalthan anything else.

- I got bad eyebrows, I've got Brillo hair,

I'm lanky, I'm weak.

- I got a lot of stuff, a lot of targets coming towards me,

so I'm gonna go after whatever I think

is gonna make him upset.

- A good roast joke is personal.

- It's not fun to justlike, here's a fat joke.

I wanna a really specific fat joke

about how I am specifically fat.

- I think you should surprise them.

Like a little sneak attack.

- You gotta hit them in the heart,

so it throws off their mental process

of what they're gonna say.

- Am I friends with Chris?

I mean I was.

- I would like to be friends with Jimmy.

- From first impressions, no.

Not for me.

- I am not friends with Earl Skakel,

(beep) Earl Skakel.

- I know that she's funny, and smart,

and like you wanna roast somebody that you respect.

- I've never done this before,

so I don't have a strategy.

I guess it's to hit hard and move on.

- Maybe we'll be friends after this,

but I can't be friends withhim until we're done with this.

I like to method roast.