Take-Home Jokes

Season 2 , Ep 14 06/14/13 Views: 14,157

Ben Kronberg knows exactly what you are supposed to call an underwater boner. (1:56)

I wrote this next jokewhile swimming.

When you get a boner underwater,

it's called a "chubmarine."

And if you're Asian and you geta boner underwater,

it's calleda "yellow chubmarine."

And I can say that'cause I'm racist.

It's what gives me the right.

What gives you the rightto laugh at it?

When little girls weartoo much makeup,

it's called "whoreshadowing."

You can't handle the truth.

Some take-home jokes, I guess...

for you guys to rememberthese ones,

you can rememberand tell people.

How many, uh, how many Vietnamvets does it take to screw in...

Everybody down!

That joke kills at the VFW.


What's the difference betweena pizza and a Jew?

A pizza doesn't get offendedwhen you tell this joke.

It's true.

I like my coffeelike I like my slaves.