Rondell Sheridan - Hot Shower

Rondell Sheridan Season 1, Ep 2 07/17/1996 Views: 2,621

Rondell Sheridan tries to avoid getting hot water on his "hooty-hoo." (1:05)

I don't know if anybody's

staying here.

I took a shower here, man.

They have the hottest water I've

ever experienced.

I mean, I like a hot shower, but

this is ridiculous.

I'm all lathered up, you know,

in my shower, and I hear the

scariest sound you can hear in a

hot shower.

I hear my next door neighbor's

toilet flush.

( laughter )

Oh, you know that feeling,


You're all lathered up.

( imitating toilet flushing )

( laughter )

And I remember I looked down and

my hootie-hoo looked up at me.

( laughter )

And my hootie-hoo went,

( screams )

I didn't even know my hootie-hoo

could make a noise.

( laughter )

He just stood there screaming.

( screams )

And I'm thinking, "Oh, my God,

I've got less than a millisecond

before lava comes out of there."

( laughter )

And there's no room to run in

the shower.

You're just...

( imitating shower )

You're just trying to make sure

you don't get any hot water on

your hootie-hoo.

( laughter )

Because you can't blow on that.

You can't.

Because if you could none of us

would be at work the next