Ben Kronberg - All Poop Jokes

Ben Kronberg Season 2, Ep 14 06/14/2013 Views: 11,658

Ben Kronberg employs as much scatological humor as the audience can handle. (2:00)

Blind people...

never know whenthey're done wiping.

Have you ever...have you ever closed your eyes

and trusted a number?

Have you ever done that?

It's always a different number,isn't it?

Even if it's a-a miracle--the zero wipe, the no wipe...

There's actually no such thingas a no wipe.

It's a paradox.

'Cause you need to wipeat least once

to know you didn't needto wipe at all.

Unless you mean to tell methat you've been so confident

with your pooping ability

and your sense of down there

that you knew you weren'tgonna have to wipe.

So you just pulled up your pantsand got on with your day.

Do you mean to tell me that,you poopy-smelling person?

Is that what you mean?

It's like,"I can't believe my eyes.

Wait, that's blood."

I'm the only one who's ever...

Maybe I am.

That would be cool.

(chuckles)Maybe that...

That would be cool.

If White Castlewas a real castle,

I bet the moatwould be made out of diarrhea.

I can do all poop jokesif you want.

You're tentative responsetells me

to keep doing poop jokes.

So I will.