Voter Voices: A Visit from Will Ferrell as George W. Bush

10/25/2016 Views: 21,283

Former President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) speaks out against his cousin Billy Bush's embarrassing behavior. (0:43)

it is a real honorto have you on this program.

This legitimizes what we dohere. Thank you for coming.

Well, thank you. Thank you.First of all, Chris,

I'd just liketo just say something

-about my cousin Billy Bush.Uh... -(laughter)

He's been in the news a lotlately, uh,

him and that disgraced pumpkin,Donald Trump, uh,

talking on that bus.

And I... I just... I just wantto say one thing.

-We Bushes don't act like that,okay? -(laughter)

We, uh... we have standards.

And we're, uh, we're raiseda certain way.

And we would never,

under any circumstances,

ride a bus.