Exclusive - Natasha Leggero - Focus Group

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo's Season 1, Ep 1 08/22/2015 Views: 5,827

Unaware of who may be listening, a focus group talks about what they liked and hated about Natasha's special. (2:24)

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♪ I elegant,that's what I be ♪

♪ So damn fancy,got a diamond pussy ♪

♪ D-d-d-diamond pussy,d-d-d-diamond pussy. ♪

What do you think, guys?

Yeah, first impression.

Just what comes...?She's funny.

She was speaking it real,you know?

WOMAN:I think that she's...

very intelligent and clever

and edgy, but I think

that she would offendcertain people.

Being that she's more extreme,over the top,

for some people like me,

that might get meby some of the parts

that aren't so funny...SUSANNA: Mm-hmm.

or I don't personallyfind so funny, 'cause she's...

she's kind of trying to becutting-edge and like that.

Did you know about Natasha...any of you?

I think I've seenher do roasts.

I think she might have beenon the Justin Bieber roast?

And so what elsedid you guys think?

I thought she was hot.Yeah.

I wouldn't wear a dressif I was a comedian.

Why not?I don't know.It's uncomfortable.

Like, her back was showing.

Like, it's short.

Okay, what makes you say that?

I don't know. She kind of...It seems kind of forced.

I think she was really good,but at the same time,

I feel like she trieda little hard.Too hard.

So, would any of youchange the channel?

If you, if you,you know, all of a sudden,

she's on, would you change?

Would you watch?Honestly, yeah.

You...?I'd probably turn and...

come back and seeif it was something more...

But you wouldn't stay tuned in.How come?Nah.

DANIEL: I think one thingthat she didn't do,

might be interesting, is talkabout her growing up years.

Hmm.I don't think she saidanything about that, right?

I mean, she's Latino...Is she Latina?

What?I think she's a white girl.

She's white.Oh, she's white, you think?

Yeah, I think she's white.I don't know.


Hi.(door closes)


Not funny enough, huh?


No, now you're being all nice!

Oh, yeah, you're real funny.Oh, yeah!


Sorry I have to sit by you.

I know you're not a fan.


You're much hotterin person.

"Much hotter in person"?

Absolutely.Great. Um...


So, who thought I was Latino?

I did.

I don't know why,but I did think that.

And after I found outyou weren't, I think...

I have to reevaluateyour whole act.

So, you thought I was funnyif it was coming

from a Latino...

No, but, Daniel,you did only fall asleep

three times,

so it wasn't like...

I know you werepaying attention.

Did you really?