Lucky Clover

The Luck of the Fryrish Season 3, Ep 10 01/25/2008 Views: 3,834

Fry remembers back to the day he found his lucky seven-leaf clover and beat this brother at basketball. (2:00)

Kareem's gotthe "skyhook",

but Philip J. Fry's gotthe "space hook."

Yancy drives.

He goes up with hispatented "space hook."

Hey, that's mypatented space hook.

You stole it!

You're not thepresident of it.

Holy Kamoley!

A seven-leaf clover.

I'm dyingof old age!

Game over!

Phil wins!

Yancy's fans are stunned!

They'll be nocelebration

at the Yancy Dome!


( whistling )

Well, someone'sin a good mode.

Let's just say

I lucked outat the track.

Also, I riggedone race.

Huh! I'd have wona lot of money, too,

if I still had mylucky seven-leaf clover.

Plus, I'd stillhave my hair.

I got your page,Mr. Fry.

Your new hair is ready.

So, whatever happenedto this seven-leaf clover?

I hid it in a secrethiding place

whose locationI never told anyone--

not even Scruffy.

So the cloveris still in thehiding place, maybe?

Hey, yeah.

Maybe it is still there,

underground in the ruinsof Old New York,

helping some antdefeat another ant

or helping some piece of dirtturn its luck around.

Dirt doesn't need luck.

I'm going down thereto get my clover back.

Some of the tunnelshave metal bars,

so I'll need someonewho's good at bending.

Leela, how about you?

Sure. I'll do it.

Like hell you will!

Bending's my middle name.

It is?


My full name is

Bender Bending R-R-Rodriguez.