Deon Cole - The Mystery of B Batteries - Uncensored

Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar Season 1, Ep 1 06/25/2016 Views: 1,574

When Deon Cole lets his mind wander, he has a lot of deep thoughts about things like batteries and umbilical cords. (2:01)

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It's how I like to do--think real deep,

smoke something, lay back,let my mind take off.

I be thinking about stuffpeople don't know about,

people ain't eventhinking about.

Like for example,

why isn't there any B batteries?

Why there ain't no B batteries?

But they tripled up on the As.

What, the B standfor black battery?

Ain't no black batteriesaround here?

Nah, if there wasblack batteries,

I wouldn't use 'em.

They probablywould work sometimes.

Fuck y'all.That's hilarious.

Trying to beall pro-black in here.

"Haha--uh-uh, mm.

"We don't talk that wayin D.C., Deon.

"You can go back to Chicagowith all your chitlin ways.

We don't do that here."

I get deep.

I'm a deep dude.

Here's another exampleof how deep I get.

Adam and Eve,they're the very first people

on the planet Earth, right?

Right?all: Right.

- So I'm looking at a pictureof them the other day,

both of them naked,

and I notice they bothhad navels--

belly buttons.


Who cut they umbilical cords?

[mimics explosion]