Uncensored - Owen Benjamin - "Feel My Heat Deep Inside You"

Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts Season 1, Ep 1 06/28/2013 Views: 7,720

After instructing the audience on the proper reaction, Owen Benjamin debuts his power ballad. (3:50)

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And I'm like I want to have apower ballad in my life.

So tonight, I'm not gonna closeas a comedian.

I've sweated for you people.

And I've written these jokesfor years now

to make sure you hada good time.

But now we're not gonnaclose for you.

We're gonna close for me.

You're gonna give methe feeling

that I'm in a stadium,and I'm Journey.

So what I'm gonna do is,I'm gonna play you guys

a power ballad I wrote.

It's called Feel My Heat Deep Inside of You.


Those are the only words.

It's "Feel my heat, feel my heatdeep inside you.

Feel my heat."That's it.

So once you get the cadence,

I need you allto sing along to it.

So this is whatwe're gonna do.

I'm gonna start playing Feel My Heat.

And you guys are gonna loseyour shit, just freak out.

And then when I start singing,I'm talking mayhem:

tits, dicks,standing "O"s, lighters.

You give me that.

I've given you heat,you give me heat right back.

But this is the snag.

We're at a big show, and you'rehere to see Feel My Heat.

And I just played an entire newalbum that you guys didn't like.

So you're not gonna make onepeep, not one clap until I say

the word, "feel my heat."

We're gonna build that tension,

then you're gonna give mewhat I need.

And if it's not right,we start over,

'cause I know what I deserve.

You know what I mean?

Thank you in advance.

But make sure you don't clapuntil you hear "feel my heat."

Thank you allfor coming out tonight.

[cheers and applause]No. That--this is--

You don't likethe new album.

I respect it, though.I respect your enthusiasm.

But when I say "feel my heat,"lose it.

When I start playing it,lose it.

When I start singing it,new level.

And then you sing along.

You know what to give me.

Here we go.

Thank you all for coming outtonight.

You know, the new album--- Play Feel My Heat!

[laughter and applause]

- You know what,we've heard that a lot tonight.

That's, like, the 80th timewe've heard that,

because our new songsall suck.

And you're absolutely right,my man.

If we can go back in timejust once.

It's a little songthat you may remember

that I know you all need.

And I'm here to give the peopleexactly what they need.

It's called Feel My Heat.

[cheers and applause]

[pop music]

Why the fuckare you not clapping?

No, we start over now.

The whole crowd gives me heat.

You don't think I can feelyour lack of heat?

Thanks for coming out tonight.

You know, it's beena wonderful night here.

And the new albummight need a little work.

- Play it!

- I think every man, woman,and child in this crowd knows

exactly what that young man'stalking about

when he says, "it."

He's talking about a little songyou may remember

from back in the day.

It's called Feel My Heat.

[cheers and applause]

[pop music]

♪ Feel my heat

[cheers and applause]

♪ Feel my heat

♪ Deep inside you

♪ Feel my heat

Sing it if you know the words.

♪ Feel my heat

♪ Feel my heat

Austin, what do youwant me to feel?

You knowwhat you want me to feel.

Here we go.Let's do it again. Ready?

♪ Feel my heat

all: ♪ Feel my heat

- ♪ Deep inside you

♪ Feel my heat

Thank you, guys!

I'm Owen Benjamin.