Lil Rel - Bad Parenting Pt. 1

Lil Rel Season 2, Ep 11 06/07/2013 Views: 8,710

Lil Rel can tell he's at a bad daycare by the number of car seats lined up inside. (2:27)

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they was tryingto take that away.

Please keep it.

'Cause everybodyshouldn't be having babies.

And I'll be on TV and say this.

I don't care who gets mad at me.

Real talk.(crowd cheering)


Everybody shouldn't behaving no damn babies.

Especially hood rats--they are terrible mothers.

I don't give a... put me in...

Yes, quote it.

I don't care who gets mad.

Hood rats are bad mothers.

They really are--they make their kids

grow up too damn fast.

You ever talkto a little ghetto-ass kid?

Like, two?

Very articulate,'cause he don't...


He-- that's the only wayhe get things done.

"How you doing, brother.Uh, could you change me?"

"Damn, how old are you?"

"I'm two, sir.I don't know where my mother is.

Sick of raising myself."

Like, damn, you mature.

And they be talking totheir kids like they grown.

Like, like it's their fault,you know what I'm saying?

Like, "Damn,why your nose running? Ugh."

"I don't know,maybe 'cause I'm two.

"I don't know, I don't knowhow to do that.

"I saw some kids with the littlesquishy thing that comes...

stuff come out andyou're not doing it for me."

You don't want your kidsgoing to a day care

with a bunch of hood rats' kids.

Let me tell you how you know youyou walking into a bad day care.

When you walk in there, you seenumbered car seats lined up.

Let me tell you why-- those kidsare just getting dropped off,

and they don't knowwho picking them up.


I like how white people aahing.

It's the truth--y'all better stop aahing

and do something about it.

It's the (bleep) truth.

You see the kidsget dropped off.

You know how strong a little boy

got to be to holdhis own car seat?

He three years old.

"All right, Mama, take care."

The school not even open yet.

He just chilling."How y'all doing?

She must've had a job interviewor something, golly."

(laughs)He know the ja...

"Hey, Marvin, I'm outside!"

He know the janitor name.


"Marvin, Little Larry here.

Could you openthe door, please?"

Little boy's strong as hell,holding his own car seat.

He got to learnhow to do stuff on his own.

He's signing hisself out.

He can't even read yet,but he...

He don't knowwho picking him up.

"All right, let me getup out of here, all right.

"Are you herefor Little Larry? No?

Damn, y'all got some Wite-Out?I already signed out."