Taking a Breather

The Last Supper Season 1, Ep 10 03/26/2014 Views: 22,779

When a flustered Abbi reveals that she just peed out a condom, Ilana takes her outside to get high in an effort to calm her down. (2:25)

No, don't, I'm not fancy,I'm disgusting.

I went to the bathroom,and then--

and then I wasgoing to the bathroom,

and then a condomfell out of me.

Did you pee itor poop it?

I peed it.

Why'd you immediatelygo there?

I didn't poopit, dude.

Hey, it's 2014.

Anal's on the menu.

I can't even believe that,like, I didn't notice it.

I was, like, very present,you know?

I don't know howhe didn't notice it.

It happensto everybody.

Has it happened to you?No.

(sighs)Everything I've donehas happened to you.

Not yet is whatI meant to say.

So what? You're a nastybitch, who cares?

All right.(sighs)Let's go get high,

and then we can enjoy thisclams Filipino even more.

Okay.That's a good idea.

Hi, would you mindmaking sure

they don'ttake those clams?

Thank you.

You know, I know you'rein your head, but...

this birthdayis a maje improvement

from last year's.

(inhales)Yeah, well,I shouldn't have tried

to throw myselfa surprise party.

You should have tried.It was a mistake.


Want a hit?

Thanks for the food.

It's amazinglydelicious.

I don't preparethe food.

I just, uh,clear the plates.

Yeah, but... you know.

You know what I've beenthinking about?

Every animal,

from every moviewe've loved as a kid,

probably dead.

Think about it.Air Bud: dead.

All 101 Dalmatiansare probably dead.


I guess Babefrom "Babe" is dead.

Ooh, we could haveeaten Babe tonight.

Well, maybe not.

Pigs live longerthan dogs.

I think they might livelonger than humans?

I thinkthat's turtles.

Tramp, from"Lady and the Tramp."


Tramp's a cartoon.

I know that.

She was for real.I know that it was a cartoon.

Uh, I gotta go,but thanks.

No worries.

Hey, and I know youdidn't make the food,

but you will one day.

Uh... thanks.

You know, that Tramp wasmy first sexual crush.

He was hot. He was likea spunky bad boy.

You know whowas mine? Stimpy.

Stimpy from"Ren and Stimpy"?

Yeah, I feel like he hasa similar build to Lincoln.