Lewis Black - The Longest Election Cycle

Lewis Black: Black to the Future Season 1, Ep 1 10/07/2016 Views: 13,644

Lewis Black reads the results of a recent presidential poll -- and they don't sound promising. (1:53)

a survery from public policypolling

revealed recentlythat 13% of potential voters

would prefer to havea giant meteor crash

into the Earthand destroy civilization

than to see eitherHillary Clinton or Donald Trump

in the White House.


Thank you...and good night.

Seriously, what--what need more be said?

Thirteen percent.

That's nota small amount of people.

That's a lot of people saying,"Fucking kill me."

This has been the longestelection cycle of my lifetime,

and it began, I believe,

sometime during the middleof World War II.

I truly believe that by the timewe actually have to vote,

I will be unable to make itto the door.

I will have beensapped of my will to live.

The only good thing that hascome out of this election cycle,

quite honestly, is thatit has made time seem longer.