Exclusive - Making Friends at the DNC

July 29, 2016 - Cory Booker 07/29/2016 Views: 845

Inspired by the unity at the Democratic National Convention, Desi Lydic and Jordan Klepper prowl the event for new friends.

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- [Voiceover] We've seen a lot of ugliness

this past election year, but for a few brief moments,

it was actually kind of not shitty for like a second.

- It's been absolutely fantastic.

- I'm having a blast.

- You look like you know how to party.

- I party, and I party hearty.

- [Voiceover] At its best, it was a communal thrill ride.

Occasionally, too thrilling.


And we were determined to keep this good feeling going.

We gotta keep hanging out.

- That's right.

- This doesn't end right now.

What's your number?

- Here, take down my number.

Do you have a cell phone?


Okay, you have to turn it on first.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, andthen you have to put my name in.

You're not putting my name in.

- I can't put your name in until I stop and it goes back.

- Okay, but I'm gonna spell it for you.

It's D-E.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

You have to go back to where--

- I feel like you're in your notes section.

- yougottheklepp@gmail.com

- [Hugging Group] Forever and ever, forever and ever,

forever and ever.

- Ever! Just one more.

- Huh huh! I'm gonna miss you.

Huh? Get in here, a low hug, yeah!

A low hug, ah yeah, buddy! Whoo!

This has been great, we should totally do this again.

It peaked with a dose of uncut togetherness.

(thumping music)

- But once the balloons dropped,we knew the party was over.

I don't want it to end (sobbing).

I never want this to be over.

- (crying) I don't want to leave.

I wanna stay right here.

- No one go home!

Everyone just stay here for just a little bit longer!

Time to go back to our boring, stupid lives.

(The Daily Show theme music)