Welcome to Mars

A Farewell to Arms Season 7, Ep 2 06/20/2012 Views: 32,235

Chaos and looting continues on Earth as some lucky survivors escape to Mars. (1:22)

Welcome to Mars!

It is with heavy heartand open arms

that we receiveEarth's only survivors.

Admission, $20.

Dad! Gleesh.

Greetings, Mars men.

We come to your planetto construct a gleaming city,

a second Earth on whichto begin anew.

Okay. Admission, $20.

I can't believe it.

Fry sacrificedhis spot for me,

and I never even had a chanceto thank him.

Don't worry, Leela.

Earth is still there,peaceful and serene as ever.

(alarm ringing,people shouting)

(sneaky chuckling)

(tires squealing)


You're stealing your own stuff!

I am?

Geez, I better slow down.

I'm stealing stuffI don't even need.

You want a Torah?

Nah, I'm not hungry.

Aw, what's the matter?Scared of dying?


'Cause as long as Leela lives,

I'll be alive, too,in her heart.