Exclusive - Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 2 - Jamar Neighbors vs. Guy Branum - Uncensored

Season 2, 01/17/2017 Views: 2,343

It's a battle of daddy issues as The Wave's Jamar Neighbors takes on Guy Branum in Los Angeles. (1:50)

- Prop 8, Section 8.

Are we ready?


Let's roast!

- Guy, you look like a Jeff Ross bean bag chair.


(ballpark music)

- Jamar, you're so hot,but you're so ghetto

and uneducated.

I never know if I should fuck you

or try to teach you Shakespere through hip-hop.


- Guy, you have a lot of anger issues.

You'd be mad too if they ripped

your ivory tusk right off your face.


This nigga's so gay, heonly came out the closet

so his daddy would spank him.

(audience oohing)

- Jamar, at least my father waited

for me to come out ofthe closet to reject me.

(audience oohing)

Jamar grew up poor, buthis mom did the best

with what she had, unfortunately

what she had was crack-cocaine.

He is very, very, lucky that you cannot

pay for an abortion with an EBT card.

- Guy Branum, Jamar Neighbors.

(audience cheering)

- You know, I'm all up for presentation

and this, you did great, Guy,

but I gotta give it to Jamar.

(audience cheering)

- The comebacks was amazing, I gotta go with Guy.

(audience cheering)

- You both seem very confident,

it's tough, but I gotta go with Jamar,

I mean, that fucking bean bag chair joke.

- It all comes down to you, Jeffrey.

Who do you like?

- As always, Guy, your jokes are so, so, well-written,

however, I think we all know tonight was Jamar's night.

You killed it, buddy.

(audience cheering)

- My mama watching this.

(crowed chanting)