Kurt Braunohler - Google's Getting Creepy

Kurt Braunohler: Trust Me Season 1, Ep 1 03/04/2017 Views: 928

Google struggles to come up with relevant targeted ads for Kurt Braunohler based on his eclectic internet search history. (1:08)

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Google's getting creepy.

Google knows so much about us.

Like, it's gonna bethe first A.I.,

but it knows everything we ask,

every question we think of,Google's like, oh.

I see.

I had a heartening thinghappen to me

is that Google startedshowing me ads for doors.

I was like, I don't own a house.

I didn't even knowyou could buy a door.

I thought they came with walls.

But I was psyched, you know,

'cause I was like, Googledoesn't have me figured out yet.

That means my search historyis so erratic

that Google is like, what?And it is, it's erratic.

Every day, it's like,before-and-after meth pics,

boat launches,handkerchief twirling.

And I think Google lookedat that and was, like...

Seems like you need a way out.