Fortune Feimster - Yoga Class & Tuesday Night Stripper

Fortune Feimster Season 3, Ep 7 06/27/2014 Views: 6,635

Stripping is all about serious eye contact for Fortune Feimster. (2:10)

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I'm just really happy that Imade it here. I was almost late

catching my plane,'cause I was teaching

a yoga class.

(man whoops, audience laughs)

(laughs)He's like,"That did not happen."

You're right,I did not teach a yoga class.

I went to one, obviously.

Look at this. Boom!



Checkin' out my yoga booty.


It was pretty awesome, though,'cause yoga teacher,

she let me do the modifiedversion of everything.

So, like, the classwould do downward dog

and she wouldlet me eat raviolis.

They'd do a child's pose,

she'd let me takea nap in the corner.

I love yoga.Namaste.

Like they said,my name is Fortune.

Everybody looks at me reallyfunny when I tell 'em my name.

They're like,"What's your name again?



Or I'll get, like, Treasure

or Gracious.

Anything you could associatewith a unicorn.

Or a stripper.

Do we haveany strippers in here?

(woman whoops)

Are you really?



I mean, this is kind ofa big night for strippers,

so if you're a stripperand you're here...

you're probably not a great one.

Yeah, I don't have the bodyof a stripper.

I would be, like,a Tuesday night stripper.

"I'm a Tuesday night stripper;

I'm working my way upto Sunday brunch."

Since I don't havethe body of a stripper,

I would just use something,so I would...

I think I would just makereally serious eye contact

with everybody, like this...

(cheering, man whooping)

That's whyI'm a Tuesday night stripper.