Teaching Sammy a Lesson

Jeff & Some Confidence Season 1, Ep 6 02/15/2017 Views: 180

Jimmy and Ted get revenge on Sammy by turning his romantic memories into nightmares. (0:34)

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- Oh, I wish this momentcould last forever, Sammy.

- Oh, Zarlene, you're thesunlight in my heart.

You know that?[zapping]

- You're the sunlightin my heart too! [groans]

- [screaming]- This is what you get

when you [bleep]with your friends, Sammy.

[groans]- Ahh! Stop it!

I wasn't stealing!

I was just taking your moneybecause I deserve it.

Don't you see? [groaning]- He's still an [bleep].

- I guess we'll have to godeeper.