CC:Social Scene - Disc Guys: The Ultimate Frisbee Story

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From humble beginnings to unexpected fame, see the dramatic rise and fall of the people who created Ultimate Frisbee. (4:35)

- [Voiceover] This episode of CC: Social Scene

is based on your suggestions

from made up Ultimate Frisbee moves.

- [Voiceover] To sport is human,

to win divine.

Welcome to Sports five for five.

- It was one of those moments where you just know.

This isn't a game anymore, this is a sport.

This is Ultimate Frisbee.

I remember I was playing with Joe,

and we were getting into it, you know?

And then, Joe said something

I'll never forget.

- I was like, this is cool, but

what if we made this cooler?

What if we made this ultimate?

(techno beats)

- The Frisbee had been around since 1938,

but it was a toy.

Daryl Derbin and Joe Butters looked at that disc

and saw something revolutionary.

- Basically, they played Frisbee, but they got real into it.

I mean, they would throw it really hard,

or do crazy throws.

They invented crazy throws.

- A lot of those moves are still used today.

The Flippity.

- The Handful of Disc.

- The Spinner.

The Crash Helmet.

The Teapot.

- The Clothesline Tackle.

(groaning in pain)

- They would throw the Frisbee while running.

- No only did they throw crazy,

they started catching crazy, too.

- Unnecessarily complicated catching.

And then they did something

that nobody saw coming.

They played Frisbee against other people.

(chanting "Go Blue")


(players yelling they're open)

- Oh, look at that!


I mean, before us, it wasn't even a game.

It was just a fun activity you do

with your family and friends, you know, boring.

But, we took that fun activity

and we made it into an intense,

no holds barred, winnertake all competition!

- People would be like,

"Don't think think you're taking this too seriously?"

And, I would be like,

"I think we're takingthis way too seriously!"

(shouting and cheering)

And, then it got big.

Real big.

(inspirational music)

We made the cover of Disc Weekly, the Frisbee Journal,

Spokane Quarterly Farmer's Almanac.

And that's when Jenny joined the league.

- Joe and I felt that

Ultimate Frisbee would be too dangerous for a lady.

We were wrong.

(sultry guitar solo)

- Come on! Come on!


Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

Watch it!

Yeah, you know my mom wanted me to get married,

have kids. (scoffs)

I was like, "Yeah right, I gotta throw that Frisbee!"

Is it you or me? You decide!

Me! Me!

This table came natural,and you know what?

It worked.

Oh, yeah!

- And, this is whenthings got really crazy.

- The celebrity, the fans, the need to win.


It was too much.

- And, like all good things,

it fell apart.

- Darryl and I got caught up in a tampering scam.

(police siren chirps)

- I told you, it's not my glue!

It's not my glue!

- Let's go.

- I want my lawyer!

- They would put crazy glue on their hands

so the discs would stick better.

It was a clear and franklyobvious violation of the rules.

And, out of respect for this sweet game that I love

more than anything,

I had to punish them.

- You get addicted to winning.

I mean, I couldn't stop.

(somber music)

I'd hit rock bottom.

I'd wake up with glue on my hands.

And, that's when the league came down hard on us.

- It was the decision of the league that the sport,

as it stood, was too ultimate,

and steps had to be taken to make it

less ultimate.

- They were out.

The guys who started the whole thing, just like that.

- You know, I didn't want them to go, but

the game had changed.

And, they cheated.

- Sure, the game is still played today but

it's not the same.

It's not as ultimate.

- Sometimes, lifethrows you a curve ball.

But sometimes,


life throws you a Frisbee. (chuckles softly)

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