The Foul Shot of Destiny - Uncensored

25th Hour Season 1, Ep 10 12/07/2016 Views: 1,440

An injury during the big game creates an opportunity for Grover to finally get off the bench. (2:19)

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- All right, Chamberlain Heights.

I hope you're ready for tonight's game

over at Duncan against Cuba Gooding Jr. High.

One win, and Duncan will be

in the playoffs for the first time ever.

And after the game, hang around for the jersey

retirement for the all-time leading scorer

in Duncan High history, Montrel Cummings.

His brother plays on the team as well,

but he don't get no burn.

- Damn, the whole town knowyou a bench rider now.

- No shit, I'll neverbe a legend if I don't

get off the bench.

- Don't sweat that, pimp.

I feel like we're gonnaget our shots soon,

and when we do,we're gonna blow up

bigger than Jamal's momafter eating peanuts.

[chuckles]- Ha, ha!

That's funny.

Speaking of momswith big titties,

hey, Mrs. Milk.

Fuck, marry, kill--me, Grover, Milk.

- That's a good question.

I'd definitely fuck Jamal.

- Mom, how the hell you gonnafuck Jamal

over your own son?

- That's sick.- I knew you was a thot, Mom.

- It's my body, Milton, my body.- Sometimes I got to remind

myself that you're my mom.- That's sick, Milton.

- Get your life together.- Mind your business, Milton!


- Yeah, that's me, baby.They retiring my jersey.

So do you want to go for a ridein my boy's party hearse?

It's got it's own Starbucks,a Coffee Bean,

a cocoa butter machine,and an Asian woman

in the back to do your nails.

All thanks to my homey,Shea Butta.

Yeah!- Yeah, that's right.

My hearse is the shit.It even got a gold-plated bidet.

Aye,can a nigga have some chips?

- Ow!And one.

- Two shots at the line,Black Holes.

[cheers and applause]

- Yeah, we're in there.

Yeah--[cracks]Oh, God!

Oh! Oh![audience groaning]

- Oh, shit, Randy tryingto cough up a dick!


- Oh, my God!Oh! Oh!

- In adherence with the--- Oh! Oh! God!

- In adherence with the--- Oh! Oh! Oh!

- Man, will somebody getthis fucking kid, man?

- Oh! God!

- In adherence with the rules,the opposing coach

will select anotherDuncan player

to replace the injured one.

[sultry R&B music]

- ♪ Hello, hello

- I'll do it.- You ain't gonna do shit.

You ain't got off the benchall year,

you broke jumpermotherfucker.

- We'll take him.