Brian Regan - Butterflies

Brian Regan: Standing Up Season 1, Ep 1 06/09/2007 Views: 34,700

After Brian Regan takes his kids to a butterfly pavilion, he imagines what it would be like to work there. (2:07)


Like take themto butterfly pavilions.

We took our kids to thisbig mesh-covered place filledwith butterflies, you know?

As we're walking in,this worker goes,

"I'll be happy to answerall your butterflyquestions today."

[ Laughing ]"Okay.

All of them?"

Where do you beginwhen you get that kindof green light?

So this guy'sfollowing us around,

and it's falling on meto brainstorm upbutterfly questions.

I'm just, like--[ Groans ]



"What I wanna--

[ Mouthing Words ]

"Does this one like to eat?

"He does? Okay.

"Care to expound on that at all?

No? Okay."

I was thinking, couldthere be a less-stressful job...

than workingin a butterfly pavilion?

I mean, you know,what could possiblygo awry, you know?

"So how was work, dear?"

"Don't even get me started.

"I've had it up to herewith those butterflies.

"I had this yellow onelanding lightly on flowers.

"And this purple onefluttering around and around.

"Like I don't knowwhat he's up to!

I can't take the politics!"