Best Part of Being on the Road

Season 2, 04/27/2013 Views: 1,479

The Half Hour comedians share the joys of doing shows on the road. (1:40)

[music playing]

-The best part aboutbeing on the road

is, uh-- I mean,obviously the audiences.

-It's just meetingpeople, seeing new places.

-When you're on the road,you're making money,

and that's a good thing.

-It's fun.

-Being away from my wife.

I got married last weekend.


She is not giving me any space.

And she wanted to get married.

That's like getting a prizefor getting what you wanted.

I didn't get a Xbox or anal sex.

-I got a three-and four-year-old

and they like to wake peopleup at 6:00 in the morning.

No matter whattime you go to bed,

that's what timethey're going to get up.

They playing.

Mind your goofy-ass business.


ANDY HAYNES: When I get outthere, just that freedom

to just kind of be myself andto watch the kind of shows

I watch, and you know,just live a little.

-That's being alone.

-The best part aboutbeing on the road

is the isolationand the loneliness.

Like, I'm a person who kindof thrives in that world.

-The smiles and thehandshakes and stuff

after shows. "Hey,really funny."

So it's like, makes me feellike I'm on the right path.

-You could just kind of,you know, go into a town,

make friends for themain, and-- and leave.

-I always Yelp, or find, like,the worst restaurant that they

have and I go eatthere, because I want

to find out whatmakes it terrible.

Like I'm a foodSherlock Holmes and I

want to investigate what'swrong with it or not.

That's my favorite.

-You would neversay, oh, I'm gonna

go to Grand Rapidsfor a vacation.

But you go and youfind out some history

and culture of thestate, of the city.

I was in the airportbathroom and Pull

Out His Dick TooSoon Guy came in.

-Having strangers enjoy whatI do is just always great.

All right, that's itfor me, everybody.

Thank you very much.

I'm Baron Vaughn.