Dana Gould - Give Off Heat

Dan St. Germain, Adam Lowitt, Andy Zaltzman, Dana Gould Season 3, Ep 6 08/24/2012 Views: 9,645

Dana Gould tends to forget what it's like to live in America. (1:38)

If during my show you growbored.

I would invite you to maybeplot an alternative route home.


This is a service we provide.

We can also scroll toneighboring counties.

Have you ever dated a gothchick for four or five months

until you realize she wasjust an Orthodox Jew?

They have the same costumes.

I live in Los Angeles now butI'm from,

uh, Massachusetts, about anhour outside of Boston.

It really, thank you.

It could be from anywhere,and when you just travel

between New York and L.A.,you do tend to forget what

it's like to live in America.

And quite recently, thishappened.

My parents were visiting mein Los Angeles and I was out

front with my father and Isaid,

"see, Dad, this is why I livein L.A....

"middle ofJanuary, 75 degrees."

My father said, "of courseit's warm, bunch of queers."


And my wife is on me like,"you can't let him get

away with that! You haveto say something!"

Say what? He thinks gaypeople give off heat.

There's no argument to have.