Uncensored - Doing Mushrooms

Ari Shaffir, Pete Davidson, Brad Williams Season 1, Ep 2 04/20/2014 Views: 3,454

The comedians talk about how the show went and share their feelings about taking mushrooms. (1:24)

Brad, what did youthink of the show?

I thought it was great.

Your crowd--Where are you?

All right, here.Brad.

I need, like, a flag.

You gotta put a flagon me or something.

Brad was excellent.Or a bell.

He fuckingrocked out.

Yeah, I've been tryingto get Brad to do mushrooms

for like, a year.

He's never done 'em,he's never done them.

All right, listen.

What a bunchof druggies.

Because I'm scared thatI'm gonna be on mushrooms,

walk by a mirror and go,

"Oh fuck, that'sa midget."

And like, 'cause I don't thinkabout this all the time.

I'm not walking around like,"I'm a midget I'm a midget

I'm a midgetI'm a midget."

Like, I don't do that.

I did 'shrooms'cause of him.

You did?Yeah.

Oh, Ari.

And then he finally tried'em and he wrote on Twitter.

All he wrote forthe whole night was,

"You were right aboutmushrooms, Ari."

Mushrooms are great,my dad came back.

It was fucking sick.

It's a joke.Relax.

He's nevercoming back.

I'm just glad he's here 'causeI get to stand on stage next

to people and for once,

I don't look likethe Make A Wish kid.


Thanks for doingthe show.

I reallyappreciate it.

Let's give it up for allof them-- Ari Shaffer,

Pete Davidson and theamazing Brad Williams.

Dude, excellent.

Excellent, excellent.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for watching the"Comedy Underground."

I'm Dave Attell,thank you guys so much.