Warren Peace - Elizabeth Warren Stands with Hillary Clinton

June 28, 2016 - Jaime Camil 06/28/2016 Views: 2,505

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, electrifying audiences with her relentless and fiery takedowns of Donald Trump. (7:44)

Yes. Thank you very much.

-Hey! -AUDIENCE (chanting):Larry! Larry! Larry!

Welcome to The Nightly Show. Thank you so much.

Please, please.You're too kind.

Thank you so much.I am Larry Wilmore.

Okay, thank you so much, guys.I appreciate it.

-(chanting stops) -That iswhat I call a Tuesday push.

Yeah. First thing's first,guys, first thing's first, okay?

I got to talk about, um,the House committee on Benghazi.

Remember them? This isthe Republican-led panel,

uh, which is gonna tell usexactly how Secretary Clinton

mishandled the Benghazi attack

and misled the American people.

Now, this reportis over 800 pages, so, please,

if you could justsum it up for me

and give meyour conclusions. Go.

I actually trust youto read the report for yourself

and draw your own conclusion.

You draw your own conclusion...

No, Trey Gowdy.

You draw my conclusions.

That's the whole pointof having a committee.

We didn't spend two yearsand seven million dollars

of taxpayer moneyfor me to think.


And now you want us to draw upour own concl... Okay, fine.

Here's what we're gonna do.We at The Nightly Show,

we're gonna read this report.We're gonna read all 800 pages

and we're gonna drawa conclusion for everybody,

-all right? We're just gonnado it. -(cheering, applause)

We're gonna do it, okay?

And here's whatwe're gonna do.

We're gonna put our topconclusion-drawer on this.

All right? Okay.Ricky, you got the report?

-I'm on it, dawg.-All right. Okay.

Thanks, dawg.I appreciate that. All right.

Ricky Velez, everybody.He's on it.

-(cheering, applause)-Now... We are on it.

Speaking of politics, you guys,there was a campaign event

in Ohio yesterday,

and the atmospherewas pretty electric.

We believe in that America.

We believein that America. Yes!

(cheering, applause)

Oh, my God, Elizabeth Warren--is she running?


She just threw her hatin the ring? Yes, we can.

Hope and change.

Now, I'm here today

because I'm with her.

Yes, her.

(low squeak)

All right, she's with her.

Sorry, Hillary, but I don'tknow, you're just-you're just

not as excitingas Elizabeth, you know?

I mean, God, she just knowshow to get a crowd going, right?

Take a look at howWarren lays into Trump.

What kind of a man rootsfor people to lose their jobs?

A small, insecure money grubber.

A nasty man who will never

become presidentof the United States.

-Damn!-(cheering, applause)

Damn. Man.

Am I in a rain forest?

Because I've neverseen so much shade.

Someone get Trumpsome aloe for those burns.

How he got burnedin the aforementioned shade

I'm not really sure. But...

don't worry about it.Anyway, so, here's the deal.

There's a lot of excitementabout seeing these two together.

And I wasn't the only onewho noticed

the unlikely Clinton-Warren duo.What did Fox have to say

about these twopolitical titans teaming up?

But I have to commentfirst of all on the...

on the-the coordinat... I mean,the Bobbsey Twin outfits.

This is not good.Men don't have to do this.

But, so, if they ran,they literally

would have to havedaily coordination...

Uh, I'm sorry,

but does real-life Count Chocula

get to weigh inon someone's appearance?

I don't, uh...


Actually, don'tworry about it, man.

Hillary and Elizabeth have beencoordinating their outfits

since they were kids.

"Come and play with us, Bernie."

Oh, you know what?Let's check in with Ricky

to see how that, uh,Benghazi report is going.


Uh... Yeah, I'm on it, dawg.Don't worry about it.

Uh, does "on it, dawg"mean you're actually gonna

read this report or not?

This (bleep) is wild, Larry.I don't understand it.

Did-did you know there's a placecalled Libya?

All right, just let me know whenyou have something, all right?

All right. Okay.

He's on it, dawgs.

Okay, anyhow,there's been speculation

that Elizabeth Warrenmight be Hillary's pick for VP,

uh, but a lot of punditsaren't feeling it.

Now, I don't think she'll pickElizabeth Warren. Here's why.

Because Elizabeth Warrenactually has the capability

to upstage Hillary Clinton.

Maybe she just doesn'twant to be upstaged.

And you don't want the numbertwo to outshine the number one.

That's right, you don'twant the number two

to outshine the number one.Another of Steve Doocy's

brilliant political insightsthat could double as

bathroom metaphors.

Good ol' Dooce. Good ol' Dooce.

But here's the thing--there is the danger

if you have someone aselectric as Elizabeth Warren--

does that create a problemfor Hillary Clinton?

All right. Well, for moreon Hillary's upstaging problem,

let's check in with Robin Thedefor Robin's Moment.

-Hey.-(cheering, applause)

Happy to be here, Larry.

-Oh! That's nice.-Nice, very nice.

So, Robin, this isyour moment, okay?

Do you think Elizabeth Warrencould upstage Hillary Clinton?

Larry, Hillaryhas nothing to worry about.

Sure, Elizabeth Warrenwas awesome,

but the crowd was therefor Hillary.

It's her name on that ballot.

There is no wayshe can be upstaged.

You're right, Robin.

Elizabeth Warrenmight seem more exciting,

but this was stillHillary's moment.

-Wow.-(cheering, applause)


Really good point, Holly.

Yeah, I mean, kind of weirdto have Holly

in Robin's Moment,but that's... that's fine.

Okay, so, anyway, Robin, uh,whatever it is you were saying.

Thanks... Thanks?

Uh, okay,just because one person

has a magnetic personalitydoesn't mean they take away

-from the other person.They can al... -Exactly.

Or just because one personhas a magnetic personality

doesn't mean they take awayfrom the other person.


-(cheering, applause)-Yes. Yes. Man.

You are absolutely right, Holly.

I literally just saidthat exact same sentence.

Oh, okay.So you agree with Holly?

No! She agrees with me...Okay, you know what, it's fine.

The point is...I'm trying to make here

-is that all eyes are lockedon Hillary. -WILMORE: Right.

-She's about to become the most-She's about to become the most

-important woman in the world.-important person in the world.

-Why would you say...-WILMORE: Yes!

Holly, yes!Holly, are you killing it.

-Yes, yes, yes!-(cheering, applause)

-Agreed.-No. No! No!

-What? -Larry, I am beingcompletely upstaged here.

Robin, Robin, whoa. Think you'rebeing a little sensitive.

After all, this isHolly's Moment, you know?

What?! How the helldid that happen?

This is my moment.This is my moment!

-Holly, you're crushing it,girl. -I'm Robin!

Any... any words of advicefor, uh, Elizabeth Warren?

Oh, uh, yeah, Larry.

Uh, she should justtake Trump and just...

-(grunting)-WILMORE: Oh!

(cheering, applause)

Snap! I agree. Well said.

-Holly's Moment, everybody.-Thank you.

Now I know how Hillary feels.

We'll be right back.Sorry, I can't hear you, Robin.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)