Calculon's Immortal Soul

Calculon 2.0 Season 7, Ep 20 07/24/2013 Views: 9,062

When Fry and Bender go to Robot Hell to retrieve Calculon's soul, the Robot Devil is surprisingly eager to give them what they want. (1:44)

Ow! Ow!

O, tears!O, lamentations!

Would that mineeternal torment might cease!

(groans)Will you shut up?!

You've been talkingfor a solid year.

You know, Hell used to be a niceplace before you got here.

(Fry and Bender shouting)

(both grunt)

(groans)These guys.

That's right, Robot Devil, andwe've come to reclaim a soul.

A what?You know, the disembodiedsoftware blah blah whatever.


Then the answer is no.

Once a robot comes here,he's mine for all eternity.

Now hit the bricks.

(sighs)You heard him, Bender.

Calculon's gone forever.

Wait, wait, wait,wait, wait!

Did you say Calculon?(chuckles)

Perhaps we can makea deal of some sort.

(cackles evilly)

CALCULON:Hark! Is it possible the hourof mine deliverance is nigh?

Will you stop hammingit up for one second?

They can't seeor hear you.

Their loss.

I propose a competition.

If I win, we get Calculon.

If I lose, you kill us.

Fine, whatever.

For Calculon's immortal soul,

guess the numberI'm thinking of.


It's between one and three.


Between one and three.

Not includingone or three.

"M"!Is he right?

Yes. The number I wasthinking of was the letter "M."

(sucking sound)(shouting)

Here, take him! What are youwaiting for, a kiss good-bye?!

Go already!