Resist! Rise Up! Guac for All!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 02/08/2017 Views: 275

Chris comes through for a fan when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declines a Venmo request for burrito funds. (1:31)

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Well, last night we told youthe press secretary,

Sean Spicer, who lookslike a bloated alcoholic T-1000,


still hasa public Venmo account.

And I want to be...I was very clear with you

that youshould not bombard Spicer

with insane requests for money,even that's really fun.

But some of you did it anyway.

I said, don't do this,don't you do it,

don't do it, I mean it,don't you do it.

-(laughter) -So what did oneof our fans request from Spicer

in complete defianceof our orders,

uh, as the court will show?

Uh, money for burritos or moneyfor cheap Canadian Viagra?

-Paul.-I got to go with Viagra.

Uh, no. The correct answeris actually burritos.

Take a look.

-(laughter, cheering, applause)-And Spicer...

took time out of his busy dayto decline the request.

So you know what, Brian Scully?You and your roommate deserve

some (bleep) chipotle.

-I'm gonna send you, personally,$32 -(whooping, cheering)

so you can get burritos.

And you know what, I'm throwingin a couple extra bucks.

'Cause add some guac.Why the (bleep) not?

You know what,you're a hardworking American.

We all deserve a little guacno matter who we are

or where we came fromor what god we worship!

Resist! Rise up! Guac for all!


-Chris Hardwick for president!-Yeah. I know.

-Chris for president!-And because...

After that speech,I'm guac-hard right now.