Timothy Leary's LSD Experiments

Great Escapes Season 4, Ep 1 09/27/2016 Views: 6,040

Harvard professor Timothy Leary is wrongfully arrested after preaching the benefits of acid. (1:41)

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Good day to you, my friends.

My name is Duncan Trussell.

And today, we're gonnatalk about Timothy Leary.

- I have a quick questionI want to ask you.

How much is acid?


There's my answer.

[giggles]- Well, it should be free.

- [giggles]

- [laughs]

So Timothy Leary was a professor at Harvard.

And he starts doing these amazing experiments with LSD.

So Timothy Leary starts announcing to the world,

there's no reason that you have to go to war

and kill people you don't know.

We're all but one thing, man.

I've learned this from this chemical.

Tune in, turn on, drop out.

Nixon was president.

So Richard Nixon said,

Timothy Leary must be stopped.

Like, they wanted him in jail.

They're psychopaths!

You're dealing with a psycho--

you're dealing with,like, lunatics.

Timothy--okay, so...

Timothy Leary is in Laguna Beach,

gets pulled over by a cop.

They plant joints on him.

The cop is like, oh yeah, we found

two roaches in your [bleep] car.

So Leary's like, really?

You're gonna arrest me for this?


That's who you are?

You asshole!

So he got put in jail.

And the sentence is 30 years.

He goes to prison in San Luis Obisbal...


San Luis Obisbal.


- [giggles]

- I can't even sit up.