Uncensored - Behind the Scenes - Lil Rel - I Got This

Lil Rel Season 2, Ep 11 06/07/2013 Views: 2,636

Lil Rel explains how he can tell when he's performing for a good audience and describes an aggressive heckler. (1:32)

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EMCEE: Please welcome Lil Rel.

-Everybody gotthey own blueprint,

everybody got theyown route, and

everybody got they own time.

I don't care what you think.

I'm doing this becauseI think it's funny.

-Like Victoria'sSecret, you know,

they-- all the stuff is foolish.

Wish we had our own storeto get some fool-you stuff.

Victor's Secret.

We both get naked, you gotyour bullshit on-- me, too.


Fooled you, too!

It's a 38-double-dick.

This ain't mine."

You could tell when it's goingto be a great crowd when you

barely say something funnyand they're already laughing.

Oh, yes.

Moscato used tobe a classy drink.

Drake put it in a rap song,ruined it for everybody.

These ghetto-ass girlsthink Moscato's champagne.

Like, "Oh, tryingto get that 'scato."

You know, that'show they say it.

Sometimes I like when Ikind of block the crowd out

and don't care what they think.

"It's Mimi birthday,and if we want

to sip on 'scato--oh, oh, oh, oh!

We will!"

I think the craziestthing maybe to even happen

at a show was, uh, thischick was heckling me.

And I rose to do what I do.

She came on stage andshe put her stiletto,

like, dead in my-- like, theway she-- it was so subtle.

She didn't stomp my foot, butit was like a good twist on it.

I don't even remember whatshe whispered in my ear,

but I remember leavingher alone and buying

her drinks afterwards.

-"Sippin' on 'scato!

Sippin' on 'scato!

Drinking that 'scato!

-I got this! [laughs]

[music playing]