Jessi Klein - Sexual Expectations

James Adomian, Jessi Klein, Pete Holmes Season 4, Ep 3 08/09/2013 Views: 20,344

It's a bummer when a nice guy you've been dating asks you to do something disconcerting in bed. (1:09)

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-I'm sure some of you guyswill be hookin' up later.

It does feel tome like nowadays,

like, men'sexpectations of women

sexually are, like, way tooinformed by, like, porn they've

seen on the Internetit seems like.

Do you know what I mean?

Like, it's just alwaysa bummer to, like,

have been out with a guy abunch of times, who seems, like,

really sweet andreally nice, and then

you have that, like, it's like,that date where you're in bed

together for the very firsttime, and all of a sudden,


"Put your legs inyour butt-hole."

[audience laughter]

-And you're like, rightnow, with my glasses on?

Um, both of my legs?

OK, just gimme a sec.

You know, it's just,it's just disconcerting.

[audience laughter]

-I will just say as a sidenote, when I first came up

with that idea and I wasjust, like, writing it down,

and then I was trying tothink of, like, a porn-y thing

that a guy wouldask a girl to do,

and I kind of blanked,and I just wrote,

"Put your legs inyour butt-hole."

And I'm like, That'sa placeholder.

That will totally change.

But then, as soon as I didit on stage, I was like, "No,

that's right."

Because I can always see thatevery guy in the audience

is like, "Put Your Legs in YourButthole, I've seen that one.

That's one of my favorite ones."

[audience laughter]